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[IMPORTANT] I left SHODO in September 2023. I am not taking consulting gigs anymore. Please send consulting requests over to

My name is Adrien Joly (he/him), based in Paris, France (CET).

I help development teams produce software that is both durable and useful, by bringing a continuous improvement mindset on technical and collaboration practices, including Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD), also on legacy code.

My approach consists of making myself dispensable and making teams autonomous as soon as possible. I continuously transfer my know-how, lead by example and make sure that teams integrate the right habits, so they can apply them autonomously, for the long run.

On this page, I share the types of services I can provide to your business, my background, values and availability.


I provide the following services:


Always fascinated by computers, I wrote my first scripts and programs at the age of 6. During my career, I carried several roles in various environments:

In terms of technical stack and skills:


All my career, I’ve strived to grow as an efficient and accountable professional. As a person, I’m honest, open-minded and seek harmony – rather than competition – with my peers. I value people who share my thirst for life-long learning and sharing of knowledge.

I’m driven by:

My objective is to help your software team (re)gain confidence, autonomy and serenity while creating (or sustaining) value for your business.

Note: I particularly enjoy contributing to open source projects.


Thibaut Gensollen
CTO, Choose

« Adrien helped Choose grow the skills of the development team, notably on best practices (software craft), setup a roadmap to refactor a monolith (4-year-old codebase) without CI/CD nor automated tests, and crippled by performance and maintenance issues. »

« His ability to understand business, technical et human needs enabled Choose to reach a clean, stable et well-performing codebase, on which it’s easy to onboard new developers. Also, our developers are now at ease with software craft practices, including TDD and DDD. »

« We now feel confident everytime we deploy a new version. I recommend Adrien to lead this kind of improvements. »


In March, 2020, I joined the consulting agency SHODO to grow with a community of like-minded professionals and practice my skills as a Software Crafter.

As a contractor (through SHODO), I’ll be available from the end of July 2023, 4 days per week. (last update: 2023-10-11)

I am accustomed to work remotely, from Montreuil ~ Paris, France – in the CET timezone.

Any question? Contact me