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My name is Adrien Joly (he/him), based in Paris, France (CET).

Software engineer since 2006, I have worked mainly with start-up companies.

I care about producing software that is both durable and useful, by aligning and retrospecting regularly with technical and functional collaborators.

On this page, I share the types of services I can provide to your business, my background, values and availability.


I can help your business by providing the following services:


Always fascinated by computers, I wrote my first scripts and programs at the age of 6. During my career, I carried several roles in various environments:

In terms of technical stack and skills:


All my career, I’ve strived to grow as an efficient and accountable professional. As a person, I’m honest, open-minded and seek harmony – rather than competition – with my peers. I value people who share my thirst for life-long learning and sharing of knowledge.

I’m driven by:

My objective is to help your software team (re)gain confidence, autonomy and serenity while creating (or sustaining) value for your business.

Note: I particularly enjoy contributing to open source projects.


In March, 2020, I joined the consulting agency SHODO to grow with a community of like-minded professionals and practice my skills as a Software Crafter.

As a contractor (through SHODO), I’m currently available for short missions only, until January 2022. (last update: 2021-09-20)

I am accustomed to work remotely, from Montreuil ~ Paris, France – in the CET timezone.

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