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My name is Adrien Joly (he/him). I live in Montreuil, Paris area, France.

As a Software Crafter and Tech Lead, I develop full-stack web applications (mostly with TypeScript and Node.js), operate them in production and help my team grow. Lately, I’ve particularly enjoyed renovating codebases, to reduce technical debt, increase robustness and development velocity. (see my services 🇬🇧 / 🇫🇷 prestations)

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned, by:

As a musician, I have been playing drums for various bands and other musical projects. I participated to the composition and recording of two albums: Radio Désert (with my band Harissa) and Survived The Great Flood. (with my previous band: Man Is Not A Bird)

Read more: what I’m doing now.

Contact: contact @ this domain name. (I prefer email to phone calls) 😇

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