About me

Adrien Joly, photo by Camille Betinyani


My name is Adrien, I'm a French guy who currently lives in Paris, France.

I have loved programming and playing drums since I was 6.

We may have met while I was involved in the following projects: Startup Tour (cf videos), whyd.com, fhacktory hackathons, or man is not a bird.

What I can do:

  • Develop your Node/Meteor/JS web application, dashboard or scripts;
  • Evaluate and coach developers for you;
  • Be the CTO by interim of your start-up company;
  • Teach Javascript and agile software programming;
  • Collaborate on one of the topics and ideas I'm excited about;
  • Play drums with you.

...or maybe you can help me find what I'm looking for?

Want to hire me as a freelancer?

Please note that I accept flat fee invoicing for very simple gigs only (i.e. < €2000).

Otherwise, be prepared to work in an Agile way: user stories to decide and prioritize with you, 2-week sprints, per-sprint billing.

Explanation: Why Agile is better for getting your app or website delivered.


In order to sustain my focus I much as I can (and few other reasons), I only provide a phone number to my clients, for emergencies only.

You may like to know that I'm happy to come give you a presentation or advice in exchange for lunch.

The best way to contact me is email: contact @ this domain name.

If you're a young startup, please read the appropriate tips before contacting me:

...et, oui: je parle aussi Français :-)

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