About me

Adrien Joly, photo by Camille Betinyani

Passionate programmer since 1990, I've become a pragmatic hacker who loves to prototype and build innovative ideas very efficiently (a.k.a. lean software development). I am also not afraid to share my own publicly: hacks, side-projects, and business ideas

I started coding in Javascript in 2003. I have built and maintained Whyd for 3 years using Node.js (starting at version 0.3). Today, I love building full-stack web applications in Javascript more than ever.

I've also been a drummer for about as long. Most of my bands are listed at the bottom of this page.

If you want to break the ice, you may find some inspiration on the following pages before contacting me: what I can do for you, what I am looking for, and ideas I want to work on.

Main projects

Side projects

My bands

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