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I’ve played drums since I was a kid. Even though I never wanted to make a career in music, playing with other musicians is a very important and fulfilling part of my life.

More recently, I’ve also been eager to learn more about Music Theory and create “chiptune” music inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy game consoles. Read more about this project.

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Current musical projects

List of bands I previously played drums with

Musical experiments

As a nostalgic of vintage PC/MS-DOS games from my youth, I’ve mostly enjoyed experimenting the recreation of their peculiar audio esthetic.

WebMIDI-based chiptune synth (2018)

I developed this mini web application to explore the use of WebMidi and WebAudio to perform “chiptune” music (inspired by vintage game consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System) live, using MIDI instruments.

You can find its source code on GitHub and a quick talk in which I explain how it works: Make “Game Boy” music in JavaScript - YouTube.

Finger-drumming with OPL3 samples (2018)

After I bought my Yamaha DTX Multi-12, I wondered if I could reproduce the feel of vintage PC/MS-DOS games playing music through a Adlib/OPL3-based soundcard … with my fingers!

Soundtracking vintage VGM (2018)

To test the Deflemask soundtracker, I reprogrammed a song from Bio Menace (originally composed by Bobby Prince for the Adlib/OPL3 chip), for the Sega Genesis’ YM2612.

Chiptune meets Trap music (2016)

I wrote Wolfentrap as an attempt to mix chip-tune (from a classic PC/MS-DOS game) and trap music, using GarageBand.

adrienjoly · Wolfentrap 3D

Favorite tools

Here are apps I use with my band:

Here is a selection of tools I enjoy using to experiment with musical creation: